Rose Croix of pRO Fenrir
July 18,2006

No matter what has happened tonight, as far as Rose Croix is concerned the gruelling RPC 2006 agit lords scoring has ended for us. Another era has passed, and this time Rose Croix finishes the final chapter of its existence as an official WoE guild. It has been a great ride, but the train is moving on, and we are long overdue to move along with it. So this is farewell, and we give it with no regrets. Rose Croix shall of course continue its existence for the PVP team, but the days of Rose Croix as a WoE guild are no more.

There are a lot of new horizons out there, and here we leave with memories of a glorious past that has touched our lives like no other game has. Laughter and tears, praise and harsh words, camaraderie and conflict, they all form the tapestry of that part of our lives that was touched by Ragnarok Online.

It is the end, but what an ending it has been. Thank you so much. However, let it not be said that anyone was kicked out of school, people lost their jobs, was run into bankruptcy or suffered the break up of a relationship due to RO. Instead, we hope that students graduated, people found jobs or were promoted, and strengthened their relationships with loved ones DESPITE the time spent in RO. If so, you did the right thing to prioritize these real-life endeavors over RO, for these are YOUR personal triumphs, which are more lasting and more meaningful than any triumph that RPC can ever give. It is better to lose RPC and win in real life rather than the other way around.

Be that as it may, we thank everyone who shared that long journey with us, who shared what little time they had despite the demands of real life, who toiled along with us, who gave their all despite their limitations. This is for friends and comrades past and present, for those with us and for those who grace our halls no more. You are or were a part of Rose Croix, and no matter what has happened, you share in the glory of what Rose Croix was and always will be.

To our RPC allies and opponents, a lot BLOOD, sweat and tears have been shed. But a little more of RPC remains, and we wish you all fair journey in its undertaking. Let's make Fenrir proud!

To our fellow guildsmen, ever since the beginning, the reason for Rose Croix has always been WoE. On that fateful day of May 2, 2005 Rose Croix was born from the dying embers of RPC 2005 to rise like a phoenix and sear its way into the consciousness of Fenrir like a comet in the sky. The battle cry of "Stick Together, Move As One, Unleash Hell!" was first heard in Virchbruek, but soon reverberated across all of Midgard. We successfully defended Virchbruek unbroken for 45 straight sieges, held 3 agits in Luina at a time, conquered the then iron fortress of Red Palace from ArmaGades just before Heritage, and finally, claimed our place as one of the Agit Lords of Fenrir. This has been our swan song, and you all performed beautifully. Hold your heads high. It has been an honor and a privilege to call you comrades.

But now it is time to rest. It is only fitting that we go out when we choose to, rather than wait for ourselves to wither and fall, unmanned and witless. Tomorrow the sun shall rise, just like the day before, and countless days since the time before man. One path has ended, but another path begins. Cherish these memories, but now look forward and dream other dreams. Mayhap the different people here shall cross paths again, yet may we all be united in what we have shared here right now.

Too long have our veterans toiled, our passing shackled by duty. But now comes sweet release. Peace now, peace, and I bury my sword. Furl the banners! The emblem of the rose and shield shall fly no more! We have chosen our ending, and our ending is now.

In behalf of Rose Croix, fare thee well, everyone.

- wulfe, Night Council and Keeper of the Rose
- strife aka PeteNorth, Night Council and Keeper of the Rose
- Delight, Night Council and Keeper of the Rose
- zerodivide aka Inverse, Night Council and Guardian of the Rose
- shrapnel aka Imhothep, Night Council and Guardian of the Rose

Rose Croix Memorial

Rose Croix Honor Roll

Roses Blooming upon A Cross

Break the Record for Longest Agit Defense, made on the 30th siege.

Upon inception a list of core objectives were laid down for the guild. The top goal was to break Kissbone's (Black Division) longest unbroken emperium record of 40 sieges. This record was surpassed after 5.5 months of continous defense. The emperium was touched a few times but never broken. The record for longest defense of an unbroken emperium in all pRO servers was set at 45 sequential sieges. The guild started in May 2005 and achieved this record in October of the same year. Guilds in Lydia server approached the record but fell short of this set in Fenrir.

RPC 2006 Call To Arms

The Rose Croix high council decided to have Rose Croix take a break after the record breaking campaign in Luina. This was shortly before the Rebirth and the attack on ArmaGade's Red Palace. The question was put forth on whether or not to disband the guild now that it had achieved its core objectives. Unwilling to let go just yet, the council decided to embark on one more campaign before complete retirement.

This video became controversial when an ArmaGade published the link in Fenrir Boards in attempt to paint Rose Croix as too ambitious

Blood Alliance Faith

Rose Croix was set to go into RPC alone with maybe some help from Knights Templar/Ouroboros. There was the intention to have a formal non-aggression pact with Demolition Crew as well. This evolved into a full blown alliance sans Knights Templar/Ouroboros. Knowing the difficulties of an alliance, the original KAMaO guilds decided to operate independently. And thus Blood Alliance formed as a separate entity. Rose Croix set the strategic pace and was flagbearer for the first half of the campaign. There were many surprises and setbacks but they were overcome with skill, cunning, and a large helping of faith.

Last March of the Rose and Cross

As expected, and experienced in the Luina campaign, there was attrition in the ranks. Real life needs superceded the game and many veterans were forced to be inactive. As the decision was made to disband after RPC 2006, a final call was made to those still willing and able to fight for the guild one last time.

Final Battles of Rose Croix

This video was taken during one of Rose Croix's attacks on DJOSS Alliance's Creamhilt agit. The guild carried the black Blood Alliance emblem. It commemorates the return of many veterans for the last few battles for the RPC 2006 campaign.

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The Encryption/Decryption Ciphers

Blood Alliance RPC 2006
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